Quality & Certification

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Drive for Excellence


Quality is our paramount goal and our customer promise. It is an endless journey and at O’Connell group we continually seek ways to improve.
We have always been proud to offer our clients what we consider to be the highest standards of service and quality in our industry. However that was not enough for us. We not only wanted to prove our quality by independent audit we wanted to use the auditing process to help us in our drive for excellence.

Our company vigorously continues its quality journey. Every year, our quality, processes, procedures and best practices are audited externally by globally recognized auditors (we also regularly audit internally). This not only ensures our ongoing improvements of quality, but helps identify opportunities to further improve our systems. Our clients can rest assured, that the trust they have bestowed on us, as the custodians of their products and managing a key part of their business, is fully rewarded.

Highest Quality of Security Systems


Health and Safety are integral to O’Connell group quality systems. It is our goal to eliminate all risks related to the health and safety our employees, contractors, clients and visitors. Our dedicated quality experts ensure there is no deviation to our procedures and systems.
The Environment can never be ignored;
It is one of our company’s goals to protect the environment, ensuring sustainability for our coming generation.
Security of products and employees is one of our highest priorities.

O’Connell group has heavily invested in the highest quality of security systems throughout the business, so our clients can rest assured that their goods are safe in our hands.

O’Connell group Industry leading ISO certificates:

  • ISO 9001 – 2015 – certificate of registration of Quality Management System (QMS)
  • ISO 22000 – 2018 – certificate of registration of Food safety management system.

Logistics Services to meet the specific needs

We are able to adjust our logistics services to meet the specific needs of this particular sector and organisations operating therein. Our proven processes, integrated into our quality management system and standard operating procedures.